Advanced Properties Browser

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The Properties Browser is the hearth of RealEstate. Is the tool your visitors use to browse the entire collection of properties, to compare the ones they like, to filter, sort, and even print the offers they want to evaluate with their friends at home. The Properties Browser is the tool that allows visitor to get what they want.

Advanced Car Browser included on CarDealer Premium Drupal Theme

3 Properties Views in 1

The Thumbnail View is the most easy way to browse the properties on your collection. It presents all properties on a set of 3 columns showing the first and most important photo of each. 

Visitors can filter properties, change the ammount per page, define an order and so. It also shows a Google Map API 3 with all matching properties.

The List View inherits the filters of the Thumbnail View allowing your visitors to explore properties using a clean list layout classically used on classified content display.

The Compare View shows up to 3 properties selected by visitors comparing their features on a horizontal table. Properties can be selected from both Tumbnail and List Views.