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Sencillo can be easily 100% internationalizable. This means you are seeing this sample in English and the site also comes in English, but you can change the whole language to your native language or just the one of your client with a few steps due to:

  • All Strings and Texts you see on the theme interface are stored on the database.
  • Every single visual detail can be replaced just by changing the site logo, change a block content, editing an album name and description or just replacing what you see in English, with your desired string. All these are just samples of what you can do.
  • Theme's files doesn't include any language strict string, so if you install a Drupal translation file (.po), all Drupal interface will be translated to it.
  • Every additional detail on how to make Sencillo 100% Internationalizable can be found on the guide "Internationalization Instructions" of Sencillo's Documentation.

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