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As portfolio presentation is the major feature of Sencillo, the most important piece of the Home Page is the Slider itself. It does allows the visitor to consume the most important items on your portfolio and allows you to expose, update and even regularly rotate the pieces you choose all along your personal work.

That's why Sencillo includes 3 beauty slideshows focused on the images itself and allows you to choose independently one of them or just change it if you want, after beeing a while using another.

The slideshows allows you to define the way your work will be shown. For your chosen one, then you can then set one of the 27 different jQuery effects for transition between images, the time of each transition, etc. Effects include Fade (default), Blind, Curtain, Grow, Scroll, Shuffle, Slide, Toss, Uncover, Zoom and many more… (all selectable just by making one simple click)

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