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Adding items to Sencillo's Portfolios is very simple. When you create a new Portfolio Item, it generates automatically all thumbnails and required images for each size of the portfolios you're using. There's no need of using any external Image Editor for doing the crop job. The CMS does it all for you, no matter where are you expecting the image to be shown: the Home Page Slider, the Albums, the 3 column Portfolio and so, your image will be generated as a phisic small file that reduces page loading time, redundant transference of content and highly increases your site performance.

The original file never gets shown to the final user, as it uses a rebuilt image including a phisic watermark (optional) you can use to protect your portfolio items. So, if you upload an image with 2000x2000 pixels and a filesize of 4MB, it will be all reduced to the optimal settings in different file sizes so your site doesn't need to allways move your big file.

Sencillo Portfolio Theme Generates Images Thumbnails Automatically


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