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Sencillo 2.0 incorporates a new concept: Albums. An album is a set of portfolio items you can group together and explore independently from the rest of the items. By this, you can imagine samples like: "Interior Design", "Web Design", "Photography" or if you're an artist, you can group artwork from different series like "Sketches" or just pictures from your little boy "Mario 2012". Albums allow you to do it all.

An Album

As mentioned before, you can create Albums of Items. As Albums are just Drupal Taxonomy Terms, you can define a "Title" and a "Description" for it. It will allow you to classify and describe the group of items you gather together on an Album and it will be show on the Album page each time a visitor browses your portfolio.

Exploring the Items

Sencillo includes 5 different Portfolios: 3 showing all items, the albums browser and 1 filterable Portfolio you can use to explore Albums content.

The 2,3 and 4 columns Portfolios are the ones included by default on Sencillo 1.0 version, with a complementary left sidebar and now with a fully responsive behavior on different devices. Each one of them show all the items of the portfolios, without differencing the albums. The Albums Browser, officially known as Albums Collage, automatically selects the 3 most recent items of an album and shows first the item defined as the "Front Item". Once a visitor clicks on an album, it redirects to the Album Portfolio. The Filterable Portfolio is the major feature and extensive portfolio included on Sencillo. It allows visitors to explore all the items deppending on eir albums distribution. it is a wide responsive layout where all items are arranged in 4 columns.

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