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What you're seeing as a front-end is much more than a site. Is something you can use and everybody else can. Is something we people undersand and is also something computers can too.

SEO Optimized Layout and Core

Sencillo empowers your site online rangking based on SEO practices that allows your content to be "understood" by Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

It uses, in every View & Content Page, semantically valid HTML code and CSS so search engines can index them easily. Headlines are where they should be (h1, h2, h3, h4, etc.) depending on the View hierarchy. It helps Search Engines like Google & Yahoo, to “understand” the ranking of your content inside your pages, even when the boots that rank pages, are just computers. Resuming, Sencillo provides an internal SEO feature that will allow you to place your content online and get it on high ranking probabilities.

Usability in Mind

Many are the features that allows Sencillo to be what it is: a beautifull and easy to use tool you can use to present your Portfolio to the World. Most of it's major usability features are the followings:

  • Responsive Layout: As many more people access internet everyday using devices different than a computer, Sencillo ensures your content get's published online with hight quality and, for it,  your content gets addapted to visitor's device. It allows you to get the most of HD Retina Displays, for example, if somebody access from a modern iPhone or just allow a powerfull navigation method is fomebody else access using an iPad.
  • Contextual Content Edition: Sencillo includes an awesome contextual content edition interface(red tags on content) in each one of the Views it contains. You won’t need to teach clients how to find a content they would like to change. Just find where it’s being visualized and edit it. Each role on your site can see only the contextual editing options as you define them on the Drupal’s Permission module.
  • WYSIWYG Editor for Page Creation and Image/File Uploader: An advanced Drupal extension for WYSIWYG textual content edition based on ckEditor, a “Wordpress like” feature that will allow you to customize your text formatting, headers and include media content on it.
  • Sample content included on the package: The Item also includes sample content (text + images) for each content type, so you only need to edit it using contextual edition instead of having to create it from scratch and it’s much easier to have it fully working in 5 minutes. An old phrase says “It is much easier to edit, than create” and that’s what you’ll got with Sencillo, instead of a blank template. Everything you see on the screenshots, is what you’ll get, but the sample images, due to copyright reasons. In that case, you'll get other images.
  • Extremely Easy to Install: Sencillo is based on an Installation Profile. This means you'll go trough an installation process for no more than 5 minutes that will end on an exact copy of what you're seeing here on the demo, but the sample images (sample images are replaced by empty gray images)

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