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Sencillo is a Drupal theme conceibed for Creative and Online Porfolio presentation. In this sample page and on the rest of them, you'll find a lot of features that describe the theme functionality, behavior and internal characteristics.

To know further of the included features of Sencillo, please follow these internal links (can also be done via the Navigation Bar at the top of the site):

Main Theme Features

These are the main internal features included on Sencillo. Mosth of them are automatic behaviors, social resources integration and theme variants authors can get the most of such as watermarking and automatic image generation.

Portfolios and Albums Features

Portfolios are the main core of the Creative foundation of Sencillo. They hold the author content and present it to the world in many ways. In version 2.0 a new concept is introduced: the Album. It does allows authors to organize their work and provide visitors a great way of browsing it.

Typography Features

All the complementary enhacements the theme includes for supporting the traditional content, contact forms for visitors messaging and general typography configuration.

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