Watermark Support for FullScreen Images

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Sencillo allows you to protect your images when you distribute them on your online Portfolio.

As each time you create a new Portfolio Item, you upload a new Image, Sencillo automatically generates all required thumbnails for each Portfolio variant, Album, Preview and also the one that will be show when your visitors click to maximize your items.

Sencillo Premium Portfolio Theme - Watermark Support

Just replacing the sample PNG file with your own, you can place a transparent PNG watermark automatically on all your images when are viewed by site visitors. Watermark can be also aligned to any corner or side of your image, depending on your overlaying intention and your own item's style. You can read more on "Watermarking" section on Sencillo's Documentation.

All sample images used on this demo aren't distributed on the downloadable package due to copyright reasons and each one of them are regularly licensed for DoubleMThemes to be used here by their respective authors/owners. In that case, when you got your site running , it will be filled up with sample content and gray images you only need to replace with your own.

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