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With inStock we won't leave behind our practice of including sample content with the theme. It allows you to have the site working EXACTLY* as the demo in less than 5 minutes, just after finishing the installation process.

Boosts Site Setup

Have you ever been trough the frustration of installing a theme and have no idea of how to make it just like the demo you liked before? Well, inStock is the demo.

It is always better to start from a base setup of content than needing to gather all the sample info that will help you to show your customer how his website will be seen or even how your own site is working right now. Theme includes sample articles, 45 Sample Products, Slideshows, Brand's logos, Menu, etc.

Contextual Content Edition

Additionaly, Contextual Content edition allows you to directly edit content right where it is shows, no matter where: a View, a block, the footer, the sidebar. Once you're logged in, you will find the red tags all across the theme over your content.

* Demo Images are not included on the downloadable package for copyright reasons. Instead of them you will get gray images replacing the exact place and function of each demo image. All demo images are properly licensed to DoubleMThemes for demo purposes only.