Understanding inStock


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inStock is a Premium Drupal Installation profile that provides a powerfull startup to create an online store based on the popular Drupal Commerce module. It provides all the product presentation layout, browsing, filtering and classification. The design is very clean and intuitive, Apple inspired and product focused.

We will try to explain it using the common flow used by any visitor that would like to purchase any of your products or might be interested on exploring all you can offer:

Visitors access your site for the first time

In most of cases, people will access your site via the Home Page. While your site gets ranked on Search Engines, more traffic will come in trough product pages, but your Home Page will always be your first impression.

Understanding inStock Drupal Commerce

I got the idea of who you are and what you sell, now: I want a Tablet

Once a visitor understands your site, he will go directly to one of your showcased products or just to a selection of them. What does this means:

inStock has only 3 level of Pages:

  • The Home Page
  • The Products Browser
  • The Product

This allows your visitors to cycle your products and re-browse without any dead end. They can sort Tablets by make and price, explore the offers you have and the different products on your stock.

Mmmmmm.... OK, let's see this tablet.

And here comes the product page, a page designed to present a product and provide the visitor a way to explore the ones simmilar to it, the ones made by the same naufacturer, still get the offers and featured ones and share it in his favourite social media resource.

And here ends the main explanation on how does inStock works. Not to difficult uhhh?